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San Andreas 100% Save Game

Autor: Ivelin | Email
Datum: 26.01.2018
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My 100% Save Game for San Andreas.
In this playthrough I have not used any mods that assist me in game. I have certain mods that make the gameplay better (Silent Patch, Widescreen Fix etc.) I have also not used any cheats !

In this save game I have done the following missions and side activities:
Completed All Storyline missions (From In the beginning to End of the line).
All Heist missions done (From Architectural Espionage to Breaking the bank at Caligula's).
All odd jobs completed: Paramedic Level 12, Firefighter Level 12, Vigilante Level 12, Taxi Driver 50 fares (In a row), Pimping Level 10 and Freight Train Level 2.
All vehicle side missions completed: BMX Challenge, NRG-500 Challenge and Chiliad Challenge.
All Stadium events completed: 8-track, Blood bowl, Dirt track and Kickstart.
Ammu-Nation Challenge Completed.
All 3 Gym Moves Learned.
30 Import/Export vehicles acquired.
All race tournaments won - Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas air and street races.
All schools done - Flying School, Driving School, Bike School, Boat School (All acquired with a gold medal).
All Courier Missions Completed: Los Santos Roboi's Food Mart, San Fierro Hippy Shopper, Las Venturas Burger Shot.
All 8 trucking missions completed.
Valet Parking Done.
Zero's RC Shop all 3 missions done.
Wang Cars missions done.
Quarry Missions Completed.
All 29 safehouses purchased.
All collectibles acquired: 100 Tags, 50 Snapshots, 50 Horseshoes and 50 Oysters.

Misc bonuses: More than 80 million dollars cash.

Link to my other save game (the one for GTA III)

I am pretty busy but when I have some time I will start working on a GTA VC 100% Save Game.
If you guys want a specific type of save game ask in the comments and I might just do it no promises but If I have time and like the idea it might happen.

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San Andreas 100% Save Game
San Andreas 100% Save Game San Andreas 100% Save Game San Andreas 100% Save Game San Andreas 100% Save Game

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