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UT Vehicles Save Game

Autor: Blaze420
Datum: 25.03.2017
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A save game which has several UT vehicles. UT = Unique Tuning. A vehicle that is UT has modifications which normally cannot be put on it. The game is not 100% completed.
Zero's missions are not completed, Wang Cars is purchased but the missions are not done and the oysters, tags etc are not done and a lot more required.
A phone call is still available in this save game so you can make more UT vehicles if you want. Here's a link on how to do so for Wheel Arch Angels:
You can also put Loco Low Co body parts on vehicles too but they don't look as good, you couldn't see a lot of the body parts since they're not as big as the Wheel Arch
Angels and the Wheel Arch Angel parts are better IMO. This also works for the normal mod garage.

Garage info:
All vehicles have Alien body parts from Wheel arch angels, Switch wheels, I put vents, hood scoops and lights on the vehicle if they can have them (apart from the
Intruder because it just ruins the look), all cars are yellow but that can be changed and I've only made the vehicles than can have all Wheel Arch Angels body parts UT.

Dohery: Phoenix, Intruder, Cadrona and Manana.
Hashbury: Blista Compact, Bravura and Emperor.
Carlton Heights: Vincent and Buccaneer.
Paradiso: Club.

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UT Vehicles Save Game
UT Vehicles Save Game UT Vehicles Save Game UT Vehicles Save Game

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