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Tutorial: In-game Photography Part 2

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I don't know if you want GTA gamers to download your uploaded model or not. But if you do you might consider posting more attractive photos. There some really bad ones here, still not as boring as GTAall, but unacceptable just as well. The guys doing vehicles seem to have less trouble with this.
You're going to want PhotoShop. I started with PS6. Now I have CS6 with a plugin called Beauty Box. It seems to do it all. If you don't know what BitTorrent is, it's time to learn.
Lighting: This is the main obstacle. The better the lighting the less PS you have to use and the more natural it will look.
I often take my photos at night with vehicle lighting on the street. Night time is more dramatic than most day shots. You can also bring a motorcycle with you indoors. Just enter the building, say the Pig Pen, find an open spot and mark the transport spot with your trainer, on mine its ALT + numbers 1 to 0. That way you can mount a vehicle hit TAB and a number and you'll transport there with vehicle. Better at night so your vehicle will arrive with lights on. If you drive the bike up to a wall the light will reflect around the room, not too close though, about 3-5 meters away. Dismount with your model and walk around until you find some nice lighting.
Once you have PhotoShop I can help you with any questions. Just post theme here.
Gang Members: Make your models gang members (don't forget to change their walk style unless they're gangsters). That way they're easy to find in and recruit in Ganton or at the beach. You can teleport where ever you want from there once you two are in a car or on a motorbike.
The problem I have with gang members is all that gang-signing and cholo shit they constantly do gets old. If they are not recruited they are on the streets in Ganton (or the beach) You can wait for a car to pass to illuminate them, but not too much. Then too you can load your model as one of the popular players who show up on the streets in Ganton, like bmyst, bmydj, bfyst or one of the criminals. That way you can always find them.
Lighting help: There is a cleo mod called, lightbar.cs. This will let you place street lights near the model and illuminate him or her. You can also spawn a car, enter so the nights go on, exit and have your model follow you to a nicely lit spot.
Places with good natural lighting: The barber shop, the gym, the disco upstairs, any safe house with car lights inside. Clothing stores have flat lighting .. ugly, the bar with a car or lightbar mod. In San Fiero there is a ship anchored in the bay. Get into the cabin and mark the spot with your trainer's transporter, good lighting in there. The casinos are not so good, but with the lightbar or auto with lights it gets better.
Outdoor: The very best is at sunset or sunrise with the natural light between day and night. Stop the game clock with your trainer so you have plenty of time to shoot photos. The problem is with the sun at sun rise or sun set having a reddish tint. You can correct this with the hue and saturation feature with PS. Since green and red are contrary colors you add green and the red goes away.
Another trick I discovered over the years is to weaken the gravity so your model floats upward. You can get some cool scenes, especially out in the countryside where eagles and aircraft fly by. Your model will continue to walk as it floats if that's what you want.

There are no guns in my game. Since I do mostly females I don't want guns. They're easy to remove, about 10 minutes. You find them in your GTA3 folder. Save them as PNG, send them to a folder or desktop, open them in PS and erase (Alpha Channel), re load them and they're gone. Most of them are 64x64 bit. You really only have to do one, then import that invisible file to the rest of them. Doesn't matter what the name is on the file.

Happy shooting!


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Tutorial:  In-game Photography Part 2

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