RC Spawn With Weapons

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Datum: 17.12.2016
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What's new?
- RC spawning is now allowed in almost areas or events except for the ff:
-- All exercise GYM interiors.
-- All fastfood interiors.
-- All shopping interiors.
-- Some areas during the "End Of The Line" mission.
-- while driving any vehicle
-- during cutscene or
-- there's an existing spawned RC vehicle.
- Activation keys are disabled during the above said events or places.

- "RC_Weapon.cs" can now be use during the "ZERO" & "Beefy Baron" missions. The RCBARON & RCGOBLIN have guns automatically installed. Speed boost can also be use but not the immunities used in this MOD. RC vehicles will also explode when hitting solid object at high speed just like normal flying vrhicles. RC bombs in "Model Army" mission are suspended not to be use for obvious reason that a magnet is attach to the RC Goblin where the bombs should be in it's place. Thus, firing the bomb will only explode the Goblin. But you can use the cloned minigun to destroy the 'enemies'.

- Spawning is now allowed while on a jetpack except in "Home in the Hills mission. CJ can also disengage the jetpack during the "Black Project" & "Green Goo" missions while on-ground using the "Enter/Exit" keys.

- It can now also be use during the "VIGILANTE" mission. Here's how...
-- Start the mission.
-- Get off from the police vehicle you have started & spawn a RC vehicle.
-- If you spawn in "Remote mode" or "As bomb" there will be no countdown timer for not being in a police vehicle to worry about (the mission timer still counts down). The police vehicle CJ riding-on will vanish but not lost. It will be restored after exiting RC mode. If you spawn the RC Baron in these modes (even if not on mission) there will be no height indicator display & the "radarRingPlane" hud so as not to interfere the view with the criminal blip on the radar. CJ can also change to any police vehicle during the mission.
-- RC spawning in "Ride-on" mode although the countdown timer for not being in a police vehicle still counts, this MOD will automatically "exit" in RC mode & put CJ back in the police vehicle where he started from before time runs out.
-- You can also press "enter/exit" keys anytime to exit RC modes.
-- Take note that the criminals are immune to bullets of the cloned minigun but not with the bombs & the molotov's thrown effect.

- All flying RCs can now use the molotov-thrown effect (only land RCs can use in the older version) when RC bomb can't be used. Meaning, if a flying RC is within 5 meters off the ground pressing 'Shift' key will 'fire' a molotov-thrown effect. Otherwise, it will 'fire' the RC bomb.

- Make some adjustments (slower than the previous version) on firing mini bombs so that it will not explode prematurely when "Frame limiter" in the "Option" menu is set to "OFF".

- The guns trajectory is wider now to easily hit a target.

- The RC Tiger (mini tank) is now operational during "Remote" mode. Although sometimes it doesn't work (non-stop firing sound after started to pressed the 'fire' button).

- Displayed RC_SPAWN menu will not automatically "OFF" as before. You have to press the [`] grave accent key to cancel the menu.

- Text boxes tutorials were removed so as not to get interfere with the game especially during missions. The optional script, "RC_tutor.cs", is provided instead to display the firing keys to press while this MOD is active & pressing the [BACKSPACE] key as shown below:

Press [ENTER/EXIT] key to exit RC vehicle.
Press [CAMERA-CHANGE-VIEW] key to change camera modes ('Ride-On' only).
Press [ALTERNATE-FIRE] key to 'fire' the front facing guns.
Press [FIRE] key to 'fire' the rear facing guns (RC Baron only).
Press [FIRE] key to 'self-destruct' ('As-Bomb' only).
Press [SHIFT] key to create 'molotov explosions' while on-ground.
Press [SHIFT] key to drop 'RC bombs' while airborne (air RCs only).
Press & release [B] key to boost forward thrust speed (air RCs only).
Press & release [B] key to slower speed to move up on steeper grounds (land RCs only).

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RC Spawn With Weapons
RC Spawn With Weapons RC Spawn With Weapons RC Spawn With Weapons

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