Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix)

Autor: Fd030501, Fastman92, and Junior Djjr
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Datum: 04.12.2016
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This modification changes car colors, AI of drivers, and makes the traffic more varied. This mod is based on standard GTA SA car textures, colors, handlings, and vehicles.ide. Also I used other mods to make the traffic more realistic, the cleo mods and limit adjuster aren't mine, credits to the authors.

V3 features:

(Small fix)
Replace the Popcycle.dat file with the original one, it makes the traffic less repetitive, Im sry about that...

- Added more cars to different regions.
- More varied traffic.
- Industrial vehicles spawn less.
- Truck with trailers more frequent.
- Cars spawn randomly with paintjobs(just for car that have paintjobs).
- Some fixes.
- Cars divert(try to avoid crashing into you)just like bikes do.
- Realistic AI applies to trucks with trailers.
- Added 60 fps.cs for less lag.

(I'll make V4 if I can fix the bugs, sry for not uploading too
much, I'm busy with school)

Remember that this mod replaces carcols.dat, cargrp.dat,
handling.cfg, popcycle.dat, surface.dat, and vehicles.ide.
If you have this files modded already, I wont recommend you to
use this mod. It may give you issues. If you added new vehicles,
you'll have to rewrite them in the vehicle.ide.


* Use GTA SA standard handlings, other handlings may crash your

* Use trucks and trailer textures that are compatible. Trucks
that aren't compatible wont spawn correctly (they may have
issues with connecting with the trailer).

Known Bugs:

* AI bugs(drivers make bad turns, cars get stuck, happens

* Truck with trailer bad spawnings.

* New AI doesn't apply to the quad.

* Sometimes traffic repeats too much(I'm trying to fix it).

* Tell me if you find other bugs.

Sorry for my English, and If you have questions or problems,
tell me in the comments in gta inside please.

Thanks To developers!
- Fd030501 for all modified files.
- Fastman92 for limit adjuster 9.1.
- Junior Djjr for traffic AI.

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Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix)
Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix) Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix) Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix) Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix) Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix) Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod V3 (small fix)

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