Map Textures Fix v3.1

Autor: YOEL_44
Datum: 30.10.2016
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Updated 12/09/18
It was once one of the most downloaded mods on the blog, and currently forgotten...
It was created in 2015 when there was no Magic.TXD that we know today, so all textures were compressed in DXT5 (with transparency information), which is not good for the game processing.


OMG the PC release of San Andreas is full of texture bugs and incosistencies, and that's the point of this mod, fixing those textures and unyfing the style of them.
No more rare PS2 textures on PC
No more unfitting textures or colors
Re-added some textures that were better on PS2 (ex: SF smoking guy)
Completelly redone texture and txd files that were copy-pasted from PS2 LOL
As all my texture mods completelly mip-mapped and compressed ;)
NEW Some vehicle textures have been fixed and/or improved.

For you who like the original and classic style of GTA SA and like to improve / fix the game without losing originality, this is one of the mods in which always have to be installed in your GTA.
This is a large project developed to fix all the buggy textures in the game.
All corrections are of total respect with the originality of the game.

It is important to note that the mod only corrects textures (.txd), and not their UV mapping (the positioning of it in the .dff model).
The textures already include mipmapping with DXT5 (soft alpha).

The download includes bonuses, but does not include corrections for vehicles (ISDC recommended).
There are 310 files, it is recommended to lower the priority in ModLoader to not cause conflicts with other mods.

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Map Textures Fix v3.1
Map Textures Fix v3.1 Map Textures Fix v3.1 Map Textures Fix v3.1 Map Textures Fix v3.1 Map Textures Fix v3.1 Map Textures Fix v3.1

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