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Nature Atmosphere ENB

Autor: Fd030501, Dimas_STARK, and Vicky Brouwer
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Datum: 29.09.2016
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The ENB makes the game look more sunny and bright. It has better lightning and shadows. Comes with Super Dark Night mod. Realistic weather, shadows, reflections, clear water, etc.


- Realistic Shadows.
- Realistic Lighting.
- Realistic DOF.
- Realistic Car Reflections.
- Realistic Color Correction.
- Clear Water.
- Darker Nights (super dark).
- Without Road/Building Reflection.
- Without Press Shift+F12.
- Supports Low-Medium PC.
- Realistic Timecyc.
- Auto DOF on Timecyc special for Low-end PC.


* ImVehFt 2.1.1.
* Project 2DFX.
* IMFX Sun flare.
* Silent Patch.

Known Bugs:
The may fix themselves after some minutes of playing.

* It may have illumination and shadow bugs.(fixes its self)

* It may have some color bugs, especially when using jetpack
or moving the camera around too much. (fixes its self)

* It may have lag or even crash the game if:

- Your PC is very, very weak.
- HQ textures (especially cars).
- Too many cleo mods (more than 30 files).
- Too many .asi plugins.
- Too many music files (more than 30 songs).
- Incompatible mods.

Sorry for my bad english, and If you have questions or problems, tell me in the comments in gtainside please.

Thanks To developers!
Fd030501, Dimas_STARK, and Vicky Brouwer, for the ENB and work.

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Nature Atmosphere ENB
Nature Atmosphere ENB Nature Atmosphere ENB Nature Atmosphere ENB Nature Atmosphere ENB Nature Atmosphere ENB Nature Atmosphere ENB Nature Atmosphere ENB

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