Health & Armour v1.5.1

Autor: Deadstroke
Datum: 26.08.2016
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Health & Armour v1.5.1
Author: Deadstroke

Credits (some based scripts): Megacero (Damage Control,, GTASearcher (Water hurt,, TheNathanNS (GTA V Wasted Busted Sound, link )

(Obs.: sorry for my bad english in description.)

Description: The modification brings a lot of functions and changes that are envolved with health and armour. You can change values, have new funcions and new effects.


- Max Health: you can put a value in max health of player. It's on Mix Sets, but in this mod the player never will have health more than maximium;

- Max Armour (NEW): you can put a value in max armour of player.

- Regeneration: like in GTA V, you can regenerate your health. But in this mod, the
script are the best of all in GTA SA;

- AffectArmour (NEW): in game, when you're using armour, you never lost health when you take damage by melee or fire. This function changes it, you will lost a little of health if you got damage with armour;

- Fireproof (NEW): you can determinate if the player are or not fireproofed;

- DamageScreen: it's the same as 'Damage Control' from MegaCero. When you get damage, your screen will become red to warn the you got damage;

- DamageShake (NEW): like in DamageScreen, but the screen moves with the damage;

- Waterhurt: it's similar of 'Water hurt' from GTASearcher. You will lose health if you go in water in certain weight. But this mod are better because it doesn't have the bug that it won't work if you are using parachute. But it won't work if you don't fall in San Andreas map area;

- Effects to 'Wasted' and 'Busted': if you become wasted or busted, you can put a song and decrease the game speed;

- Effects if you are almost dead: if you are almost dead, you can put a song, decrease the game speed a little and get a drunk effect;

- Set all the funcions: all the funcions can be changed by a .ini that comes with the script. The files .mp3 can be changed too.

- You can reload the mod typing 'HEALARMOUR' and if you aren't dying;

- The mod has a file .fxt that edits some texts of all emergency missions who warn that you gained something when you complete them (max health, be fireproofed and gain more 50% of armour). This will warn anything!

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Health & Armour v1.5.1
Health & Armour v1.5.1 Health & Armour v1.5.1

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