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Buy More Properties

Autor: Razor Vermillion
Datum: 16.08.2016
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This Mod was created by Rodent and uploaded to GTAinside by Razor1096
(This is a CLEO MODE)

Just Let you guys know that i didn't make the mod, Rodent Made this mod and i uploaded it here so you guys could get in some business.

One of the coolest things of GTA Vice City is the possibility of buying several properties that generate you money in the long run then. This mod does something, although no missions to the sites.

It allows you to buy 11 new properties that work exactly as purchased in the game, generating money gradually after purchasing them, with maximum collection of $ 5000 per day. The purchase price of each will vary: if a small property in LS, will cost $ 15,000 if it is in SF $ 20,000 and $ 30,000 LV. The stadium in SF will cost $ 120,000 and Casino in LV will cost $ 150,000, because they are larger

-Ten Green Bottles bar in Ganton, LS
-Casino in Redsants West, LV
-Gas station in Redsants West, LV
-Restaurant Steakhouse in West Redsants, LV
-Strip The Big Spread Ranch in Bone County, LV
-Garage Wheel Arch Angel in Ocean Flats, SF
-Misty's Bar in Garcia, SF
-Cobra Martial Arts Academy in Garcia, SF
-Club Gaydar Station in Ocean Flats, SF
-Corvin Stadium in Foster Valley, SF
-tennis court Avispa Country Club, SF

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Buy More Properties
Buy More Properties

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