Super Dark Night Mod

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Datum: 11.08.2016
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This mod changes the colors of the game (just brighter or darker), making it darker at nights. Warning, when driving in deserts or forests it may be too dark, be careful when driving at night. Lights and night vision goggles are useful now.

I tried to make nights more dark, without messing with the day bright too much, I tested it in interiors, cities, forest, deserts, at day and night. I made it the most realistic I could. If you have suggestions for this mod, tell me in the comments bellow, so a 2nd version can be released.

Darkest hours: Between 22:00 - 2:00

Known Bugs:
* Sometimes when you move the camera in the game, the color mod turns off and on.

* When entering or exiting an interior, it may also turn on and off (don't worry it turn on again)

*When going at high speeds(camera starts to get blurry), the mod may also turn off/on.

* Sometimes there are some color bugs, like grey colors (it would fix it self when moving the camera)

* Some objects or things may have illumination bugs (like bright trees in the dark)

Recommendations to use with this mod for better results:
*Silent patch 1.1
*Improved vehicle Features (IVF)
*Project 2dfx
*You should turn down the bright of your PC and leave the brightness of the game in standard

Sorry for my bad English, If you have questions or problems ask me in the comments in gta inside please.

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Super Dark Night Mod
Super Dark Night Mod Super Dark Night Mod Super Dark Night Mod Super Dark Night Mod Super Dark Night Mod Super Dark Night Mod

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