English Text Translation For GTA Anderius (alien City)

Autor: SolanaBogon
Datum: 08.08.2016
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First, please notice: I don't speak Russian, and English is not my native language: this mod will be full of gramatical mistakes and badly phrased sentences. But it's better than
not understanding anything at all.

I used and internet translator to translate the Russian text, but because sometimes the text has no meaning, I extrapolated, using the context, what might have been said.

Most of the text has been translated using the context in which it is triggered, but unfortunately that's not 100% of the text (some sentences didn't played in my gameplay
because it needed particular elements to happen, such as failing the mission in a specific way, etc... ), so these sentences might actually have a wrong meaning put in the context
they were intended to be.

The text was stored in the files using a code (as Russian characters aren't supported). Contact me if you are interested in this code to improve the mod for example.

To install, simply put the "American.gxt" of this mod in the "text" folder of the game folder (default: "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text"). Don't forget to make
backups of the original files!

For any suggestion, improvement, or bug/crash report, please contact at or my YouTube (SolanaBogon).

Have fun!

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English Text Translation For GTA Anderius (alien City)

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