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Real Moon 3D - Beta 1.0

Autor: LudovicoDev
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Datum: 18.07.2016
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Hello Today I want to provide a small project that I created weeks ago out of sheer boredom, this mod adds to your gta sa a "planet" ball in your world. The texture is changing the planet will change, if you were first moon putting a texture of Mars ... Mars will become the model is not great because of the limit of 250 meters, when I have time I'm going to create more models together to create a planet very largest and explorable.

To install the mod will serve only three apps. Med "Map Editor" and "TxDWorkShop" and "ImgTool"
install .:
1) Open TXDWork.
2) Open File in Particle Models folder of your gta
3) Remove the coronamoon file, open gimp / photoshop the image is deleted, as long as there is an image with a transparent background and saved in .png.
4) Go back to TXDWork coronamoon and changed the image with the one just adapted.
"This is done to prevent you see two moons while playing"
5) Open ImgTool and imported the 3 files .dff .txd .col
6) Take a growing archive Rebuild through ImgTool
7) Open Med and go to add your model in different areas of the map, the height of the Z position I would advise you to place between 250 up to 270.
8) As it is a model implemented by moving the map to the model could disappear, so it would be useful to use a timecyc that increases the focal length varies map so you can see far away the model.
9) To make the most accurate possible model would be appropriate to put a timer object "or from what time to what time the object will appear" es: 19:00 p.m - 05 a.m
10) Save and wait and see a new moon.

Here I leave you the various images.
Thank you

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Real Moon 3D - Beta 1.0
Real Moon 3D - Beta 1.0 Real Moon 3D - Beta 1.0 Real Moon 3D - Beta 1.0 Real Moon 3D - Beta 1.0

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