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ENB 2016 With New Features Bonus Tymecyc

Autor: Krishna95 | Email
Datum: 09.05.2016
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/////ENB-Series Mod v1.0, Only For GTA San Andreas///////

///////With DK22Pac's shadows_settings_extender///////

/////////////Bonus Tymecyc.dat///////////////


- I'm Making New d3d9.dll with new


- i'm only saying this=

"This Is New improved Enb series Mod 2016, And this is For MEDIUM PC"

- also This Working on Low PC

- Edit Setting.dat For Yourself And Use For High Pc To.

- I'm Tasted This Enb And it's Perfect Working For Me.



=> Now All Your Screenshort is going To " SS " Folder

=> HQ Screenshort.

=> Screenshort Format Is Now ".JPG"

=> "enbseries.ini" Is Now deleted, And add "Settings.dat"

=> Fix Color And Night Darkness.

=> Shadows Dissable and add -DK22Pac's shadows_settings_extender

=> Now ModLoader Is Support This Enb Series.

=> +Bonus Improved timecyc.dat

=> Improved timecyc.dat Possible to max Drawd distance.

=> Fix = Yellow sky At 18:00

=> Fix = Yellow sky at 5:00 am

=> Fix = Night Colur,Gamma, Darkness.

=> Fix = Day Brightness, Contrast And Darkness.

Know More About This Mod, Everything in Readme.txt.


enable/Dissable => "Shift + F12" //Change In "Settings.Dat"

Screenshot => "Delete"` //Change In "Settings.Dat"

Show/Hide FPS => "Backspace" //Change In "Settings.Dat"


(!) Make BackUp File, //For Remove My Mod.

(!) Make Backup And Delet Other Enb Mod //Then Use My MOd.

=> Open "ENB-Series by Krishna95" Folder And Select All

Copy and Past into the game folder confirming the replacement.

If You Use Modloader Then:

Copy "ENB-Series by Krishna95" Folder And Past Inside "ModLoader" Folder


(!) Use this Enb mod at your own risk.

(!) "ss" Folder Is Must Be in Same Folder, Where D3d9.dll is.

(!) You Need to Know shadows_settings_extender By-DK22Pac.

(!) If You deleted Or rename "ss" Folder, Screenshort Is Auto Dissable.

(!) If You deleted or Rename any file, Mod Not Woirking Perfectly.


Enb Mod is perfect For me, if you found bugs report me.

little Bugs With timecyc Dissapar For 2/3 Secound Near country 1. but Fix Automatically.

timecyc is much batter then any timecyc, If You dont Like timecyc Replace Your Backup.


-Before host this mod in your website,
-convert or modifi, so please ask me.


DK22Pac For shadows_settings_extender

==== Dont Forgot To Rating And Comments ====== But Respect My Work ========

----- Thats All ---- Enjoy New Improved Enb, shadows And timecyc ---------

[[ Thanks For Download ]] [[ AND RATING ]] :laugh:

===> This Is My 2Nd Mod <===

[May/9/2016] [9:05 AM] [ Nepal Time ]

===> 1st Mod Is "Car Lock (on foot)" <===

(8:22 PM - may/4/2016)

I am from Nepal so Sorry for My bad English.

|\\ //|
|// ENB-Series Mod v1.0 - Made by Krishna95 \\|
|\\ //|
|// Email:- [email protected] \\|
|\\ //|
|// Made In Nepal \\|

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ENB 2016 With New Features Bonus Tymecyc

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