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Shivers Mod v2.0 Final

Autor: Diabetx3000
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Datum: 24.04.2016
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Shivers Mod v2.0

• NOTE: When you download the link, you will see a text that contains the 1 link for download the Mod, it is heavy because it is a complete GTA SA. I can't upload here for that.

• Information: The second version of my modification is available now.

This time, bring something to this day, no other Mod brought. And is the possibility to choose the language of the Mod. The Mod was originally made in Spanish, but I translated into English. If you find a mistake in the translation, let me know.

This was not only mine work, in fact, a lot of modders helped me in this. Each of the Modders that helped me appear in a .txt called "Final Credits".

And speaking of .txt, before installing the Mod. The first thing to do is read the various .txt that Mod asks to read before installing. There you will find frequently asked questions, end credits, new vehicles brings the Mod, links to contact and very detailed information about the patch.

• Improvements (Explained without many details for not reveal much)

- 9 Myths added, making a total of 50 myths.
- Improved Effects.
- Replacement of some Skins by others of better quality.
- New characters as homies.
- New cars replacing the previous ones.
- Some new weapons, replace other useless. Myths have their correct weapons.
- New version of CJ in Ultra HD.
- Redesigned Menu and New Loadscreens.
- New Mods Extras.
- AND SO MUCH MORE, BUT I CAN'T REVEAL YOU, YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND OUT. (Or read the .txt files Where everything is explained very detailed...)

Thanks to all who have helped me. And please, if someone has a problem, either by the Mod or credits, let me know. And sorry if there are errors of translation here or in the Mod, everything I've done was using Google Translate because there were too many texts. With my knowledge of English, I try to correct the highest number of failures.

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Shivers Mod v2.0 Final
Shivers Mod v2.0 Final Shivers Mod v2.0 Final Shivers Mod v2.0 Final Shivers Mod v2.0 Final

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