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Zombie Mod for Android v1.3

Autor: Heinz30, Bull.04, Arshi678
Datum: 17.04.2016
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Dateigröße: 8.966 MB

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Zombie Mod for Android v1.2
By: Heinz30
Other Mods Used:
*Zombie Skin Pack made by Bull_04 and ported by Heinz30
*Peds Behave and Stats by Arshi678

*Zombies (They are actually peds, but are programmed to pursue the player)
*No cars spawning but there some are still parked in their respective places
*Scary Timecyc
*Cool Zombie Walking and Attacking (I didn't steal this, so don't accuse me for anything)
*When you are down, zombies try to destroy your head.
*Works better if you activate the "everyoneattacksplayer" cheat code, though you won't be able to recruit SWAT and FBI

Update v1.3:
*Fixed Popcycle.dat, no cars are spawning now!
*Fixed Zombie Spawn, now only those with zombie skins will spawn around San Andreas.
*Fixed Animations, now gangs don't move like zombies. The same applies to FBI and SWAT.
*Added Recruitable FBI and SWAT, make sure you have enough respect. You can see them in Ganton, Playa Del Seville, Temple and Santa Maria Beach (Grove Street Teritorries)
*Added Survivor Groups, you can see them around gang-infested areas (Gang-enemy teritorries) They will attack you depending on your actions or replies on their questions.
*Removed Gangs like Ballas,Families, etc. They are replaced by Survivor Groups, SWAT and FBI.
*Zombies will now spawn ALMOST everywhere in large numbers.

*Put all files in Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa
*Make sure you put all the files in their proper places, bugs may occur if you don't (If you remove ped.ifp, the animations will be removed.)
*Import the textures provided (PNG) using txdfucker, without alpha in gta3.txt. Copy it, then paste it to Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/

*Please ask my permission before editing this mod. If you want to reupload this somewhere, please put my name and the creator of the other mods listed on credits.
*You have an idea to improve this mod? Comment or email me.
*Wanna help me improve this mod? Comment or email me.
*Sorry this is just a minor update, so I doesn't have too much, I need more ideas.

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Zombie Mod for Android v1.3
Zombie Mod for Android v1.3 Zombie Mod for Android v1.3 Zombie Mod for Android v1.3 Zombie Mod for Android v1.3 Zombie Mod for Android v1.3 Zombie Mod for Android v1.3 Zombie Mod for Android v1.3

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