Pet in CJ home

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This mod allows to put a pet in the house of CJ.

installation: .. Carefully follow the stages but first make a backup of your gta san andreas folder could to go back in case of problems.

- you must copy the "Pet in CJ home.cs" file and paste in the "Cleo" folder in gta san andreas.

- Then download an animal model in the Internet (I put the download links at the bottom), rename the model to avoid of having two files with the same name (exemple "petcat1.txd" and "petcat1.dff" to the cat).
- Use a software to open the .img files ('img tool' or 'spark' for example), open the file pet.img and add the dff and txd files of the animal model than you have chosen (you can put several but do not put the same name to avoid the bugs).
- When you finish, with "img Tool" make 'rebuild the archive' or with "Spark" click on 'save'.

- Then open the "Pet in CJ home.txt" file with sanny builder then change the name on the line by the name of your model (Example: "023C: load_special_actor 'petcat1' as 1" instead of 'NAME_OF_PET').
- When you have finished click on the button on top "compile and copy".

To get your pet simply enter in the house of CJ.
The animal will follow you everywhere until the stairs and until the door.

There is a tutorial on Youtube to show you how put one or more pets.
Tutorial link :

some links of pets :

cat :
rename "wmyva2" in folder 'to gta3.img' by a other name for exemple "petcat1"

Tiger :

Lion :

Dog1 :

Dog2 :

Dog3 :
rename "wmyva2" by a other name for exemple "petdog3"

Raptor :
rename "wmyva2" in folder 'Replace to gta3.img' by a other name for exemple "raptor"

Sorry for my bad english.

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Pet in CJ home
Pet in CJ home Pet in CJ home Pet in CJ home Pet in CJ home Pet in CJ home Pet in CJ home Pet in CJ home

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