New Homes in Flint County v1.4

Autor: Black White & Blue | Email
Datum: 19.01.2016
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Mod Name: New homes in Flint County v1.4
Category: cleo and map
Replaces: some files
Size of the compressed Mod: 2 MB
Mod uncompressed size: 3 MB
Author of Mod: Jundo

Installation Manual:
Move the folder CLEO and data to the folder of the GTA SA. Add the folder contents gta3.img in gta3.img of your GTA SA
(Use o Alci's IMG Editor to do this)

Installation with ModLoader:
Just extract the mod folder ( New homes in Flint County v1.4 ) within the ModLoader folder.

Version 1.1:
Bug of one of the houses without the door fixed.
A bridge was added for you get to the Dinghy without getting wet
Less files CLEO same efficiency

Version 1.2:
New home added
New vehicle added
New objects added
A dog (friend) added behind one of houses
Observation : the dog will follow you wherer you are

Version 1.3:
Road floor in HD (with LOD)
A cart oil was added in the post-site
New objects added
add a smoke effect coming out of the chimney of a house

Version 1.4:
Removed Road floor
Add peds.cs (pedestrian on map)
Dog v1.4.cs fixed
Removed some objects

Thanks for Download! \ (^ O ^) /
I hope you enjoy! \ (^ O ^) /
Good Game! \ (^ O ^) /

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New Homes in Flint County v1.4
New Homes in Flint County v1.4 New Homes in Flint County v1.4 New Homes in Flint County v1.4 New Homes in Flint County v1.4 New Homes in Flint County v1.4

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