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V Style Character Switch v2.0

Autor: Rakesh_nama
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Datum: 13.12.2015
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Author : Rakesh_nama
Spacial Thanks To : ThatsMe, Astitva & M.T.H.
V Style Character Switch to SA v2.0

- This Mod Bring GTA V Style switching in characters feature to GTA San Andreas.

# Spacial Thanks To
- ThatsMe (For Sounds & Idea)
- M.T.H. (For Player.imgs)
- Astitva (I modified his abilities mod and made them complitable to this mod.)

# New Features of v2.0***
- Fixed Save game with other chracter Bug.
- more quich switching.
- Now all Characters have their own ability.
- You Can Call Other Character or both Other Characters For Help.
- New Switching Sound.(Timing is not perfect because I just made one mp3 file.)

BackSpace : to Switch To other Character.
Convesation No : To use Ability
H+B : to Call both other
H+M : to Call Micheal For Help
H+F : to Call Franklin For Help
H+T : to Call Trevor For Help
note : you Can change these Buttons By editing "switch.ini" located in "CLEO" Folder.

# Installation
Before Installing This Mod, First You have to Download and Install two Mods -
>>Franklin Player.img

>>Franklin Player.img Tatoo fix

NOTE : if I put these Player.imgs to my Mod, its size will become above 100 mb. Its a waste of Internet Data if you have Already Downloaded these Player.imgs.

If you have both of Mods, Jump to Step 2

1. Manual Installation
- From Folder "V Style Character Switch" Copy "CLEo", "data", "Models" & "text" folders To your GTA SA Folder.
- Than Put Files From "GTA3.img" Folder to "Models\gta3.img" using Alcies IMG Editor.
- Than Put Files From "PLAYER.img" Folder to "Models\gta3.img" using Alcies IMG Editor.
2. EASY Installation
- Just Put "V Style Character Switch" to "Modloader" Folder.
- Its bug free and recommanded Installation type.

# and What do I left For Next Versions
- More Quick loading: press "backspace" just show wheel & U can change directy into another character using "aerrow Keys".
- Character Switch during driving.
- Try to fix all possible bugs.
- Own Interactive Phones for each player.
- Own Personal Vehicle and Maybe Own Safehouses.

Q.1. what is "Save Game with other Character bug" ?
Ans: In v1.0 of this mod if U switch to trevor and save game with trevor, next time if you load that game and press "backspace" to switch U will switch to Trevor again ! WTF ! Fixed in v2.0. Now If U Save Game with anyone, U will always switch to next chatacter.

Q.2. What are Spacial Abilities ?
Ans: Each Player Has his own Spacial Ability like in GTA V.
- Micheal : Bullet time Ability(Slow Motion in Shooting)
- Franklin : Slow Motion while Driving also Improves handling.
- Trevor : Damage proof Ability.
in this Mod If you are Micheal, you can just use Micheal's Ability, you can't use trevor's or Franklin's Ability.(like in GTA V)

Q.3. How can I call Characters for Help ?
Ans: You Can call One or Both Characters for Help. example: If you are trevor, you can't call trevor for help but you can call Franklin or Micheal or both f them.
if you call Franklin, He will come in white buffalo for your help.
if you call Micheal, He will come in black tailgeter for your help.
if you call Trevor, He will come in red Bodhi for your help.
H+B (Help Both) : Call both other
H+M (Help Micheal) : Call Micheal For Help
H+F (Help Franklin): Call Franklin For Help
H+T (Help Trevor) : Call Trevor For Help

Please RATE This MOD !!!
Please Make Comments For Help, Suggesions or Advice !
And one Last Thing - Sorry For My bad English !

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V Style Character Switch v2.0
V Style Character Switch v2.0 V Style Character Switch v2.0 V Style Character Switch v2.0

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