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MGSV Feature - Part 1: Quiet

Autor: Venom Wolfe, Ken Wei | Email
Datum: 24.10.2015
Downloads: 8074 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 5.55 MB

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This mod is inspired by Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A great game by Hideo Kojima, and NOT by Konami, it's worth EVERY cent (if you buy it, or it worth every seconds of downloading if you pirate the game). but thats not the point.

As i said the mod is inspired from MGSV's Quiet, a sniper. Check it out on metalgear wiki.
She is equipped with a sniper rifle and will attack anything that is attacking you on sight. she can do drive-by if you two are in a car, plane, boat or shit, and she can attack on foot too. She will follow you around and protect you.

in metal gear solid v she has some superpower like superspeed, teleport and super strength
but due to my stupid skill of codding, i can only make her follows you around and basically protects you, so if you can, please give here them powers. please :3

and now for the using part:
1, you can recuit her by pressing tab+C.
2, you can also like, what they call? 'remove' her? by using Tab+C again
3, she will follow you around, get in any vehicle you driving, except for one seated vehicle
4, you can call her by pressing G
5, it'll take you 500 GMP to recuit her
6, if she's dead, you will lost 10000 GMP

and thank you Ken Wei for making Quiet model but seriously tho, it has a HUGE bug. look in the pics and please fix it.

bye all. the next thing i'll do will be the Phantom Cigar.

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