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Vitesse ENB V4.0 - Low PC Compatible

Autor: TomGT234, DK22Pac, Sixty-Four, Boris Vorontsov, oCain, ODON@, ApexGT, Bad_Driver, Hollow, Vada132 | Email
Datum: 23.10.2015
Downloads: 13091 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 10.391 MB

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Hey what's going on Guys? After few weeks of bussiness, lazyness, and Hard work, Vitesse ENB V4.0 finally made it's debut! Well, There's a lot of things I've changed for this version. What are they?

- Better Timecyc (perfectly fits SkyBox)
- Yes, you heard that right. SkyBox HAS BEEN ADDED
- 1 New Lensflare customized by me (Thanks to Sixty-Four AKA Abie64 for the Beautiful Textures)
- Improved Reflection (HD-Er, Less Blurry, Close Range)
- Soft PerPixelLightning (Fixed a Bit)
- New Palette (Not COMPLETELY New, Edite a bit to fits the SkyBox and the Atmosphere)

Well, That's all I have to say! ANything else you need is provided in the ReadMe.txt.

Furthermore, ask any Question to my email =

Thanks for Downloading, Have fun and Leave a Rate, Feedback, Suggestion, so I can improve it better.

P>S = If I do have any Mistakes on writing the Authors name, Correct me As soon as possible, so I can fix it in no time.

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Vitesse ENB V4.0 - Low PC Compatible
Vitesse ENB V4.0 - Low PC Compatible Vitesse ENB V4.0 - Low PC Compatible Vitesse ENB V4.0 - Low PC Compatible

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