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Vitesse ENB V3.5 - Low PC Support

Autor: TomGT234, DK22Pac, Hollow, Sixty-Four, Boris Vorontsov, oCain, FiniX, Bad_Driver, ashslow | Email
Datum: 05.10.2015
Downloads: 10981 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 6.162 MB

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Vitesse ENB V 3.5 has been released! There's several Vehicle issue reported by 2 users, and I thiink I might take a look at it. I've reset some settings and tested it, It should work normally now. I need to say thanks to those people who have reported the Bug. If you do find a Bug with this ENB, I encourage you to report it to me, so I can take a deeper look.

Okay, so what's changed?:
- Improved Timecyc (Better Morning, Atmospheric Eening, Darker Night)
- Improved LampPost light has been REMOVED
- 4 Customized lenslfares by TomGT23 (me)
- Better reflection (Better, and More Natural)
- sa-blur.asi has been REMOVED
- Shadows Settings extender has been REMOVED due to several issue on Low End Hardware
- NEW ENBSERIES.INI File. I try to change it, and try to remove the bugs they've showed to me. Eventually, It might be caused by older version with this ENB (Such as V3.0, V3.1, and V3.2). Updating to this Version (V3.5) Should do the trick and the bug should be solved.

Credits to all the people I've listed above! They are:
- Dk22PAC (Shadows Settings extender and lensflare creator)
- Hollow (Providing me the custom Lensflares textures)
Sxity-Four (Can't thanks Him enough for his custom Lensflare sources)
- Boris Vorontsos (ENB Creator)
- oCain (SnowFX Creator)
- FiniX and Bad Driver (I got some Timecyc data from them)

All you need is provided in the Read Me File.

- I'm not responsible for any Crash, Not responding, or Other things that could happen to your GTA SA. It should work amzingly if you install it correctly.
- If there's a Virus Detection ratio, It's probably a False Positive. Scanned with Norton, Baidu, Avast, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, and got no Viruses. Feel ffree to scan it by yourself If you're a paranoid.

Have fun and Enjoy! Don't forget to leave a rate, comment, and suggestion to my email =

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Vitesse ENB V3.5 - Low PC Support
Vitesse ENB V3.5 - Low PC Support Vitesse ENB V3.5 - Low PC Support Vitesse ENB V3.5 - Low PC Support

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