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Franklin Interactive Phone By Rakesh_nama

Autor: Rakesh_nama | Email
Datum: 27.09.2015
Downloads: 197158 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 8.565 MB

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Author of interactive phone v2 : Gon_Iss
Author of Franklin edition : Rakesh_nama
Modified By : Rakesh Singh Namawat
Spacial Thanks to : Lavkush (added to my Friend List)

Here is My second edition of interactive phone :
:: Franklin's Interactive Phone ::

Note : This phone is not 100 % looks like franklin's phone. But I did my best.
Phone's themes are created by me, not of actuall phone.

||| Fetures :-
- Call friends(Sweet,Smoke,Cesar,Ryder) for help or drink
- Internet (buy Cars, Bikes, Zero rcs & planes)
- Maps (for teleportation)
- RealTime Weather
- Music
- Settings for change themes, ringtone, widgets or language
- Camera (front and Back Camera with three vision mods)

||| Installation :-
No Requirement for this mod !!!!!!!!!!!!
Because this mod included asi loader & modloader.
You just have to copy content from folder "to sa folder".

See/change in the file INTPHONE_SETTINGS.INI

The key you want to press to release or snapshot in the camera (default Shift)
The key you need to press to get the phone, or move up the menu (default "up arrow")
The key you want to press to remove a telephone, or a move down the menu (default down)
Key to move to the right in the menu (default "right arrow")
Key to move to the left in the menu (default "left arrow")
Selection key menu item (default "Enter")
Press "back", then there is a way out of the item in the menu (default "Backspace")
Key for switching the track previous track ().(The default is "0")
Key repeat tracks in audio player. (The default is "P")
Key shuffle tracks in audio player. (By default, the "I")

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Franklin Interactive Phone By Rakesh_nama
Franklin Interactive Phone By Rakesh_nama Franklin Interactive Phone By Rakesh_nama Franklin Interactive Phone By Rakesh_nama

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