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Vitesse ENB V2.0 - Low PC Compatible

Autor: TomGT234, DK22Pac, Sixty-Four, Boris Vorontsov, oCain | Email
Datum: 12.09.2015
Downloads: 7774 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 7.178 MB

9.44 bei 16 Bewertungen

The Vitesse ENB V2.0 has continue It's way being greater than before. The Major Updates are here! What are the new Features?

- SNOWFX Mod. Taking Your GTA SA to another Level. To activate it Press CTRL + Numb+.
- Better reflection, has been stabilized, and less Chrome Power
- 2 Timecyc to choose. One is Beautiful but doesn't have any weather effect (Barely visible), and the other one is Atmospheric (Previous Version Timecyc) which includes Weather (Strongly visible)
- Waters are Transparent now. Without giving you any lag, or Bug, this water will work flawlessly and beautiful in night, Morning, or evening.

Try it by yourself, to see them. If you have any Question or Suggestion E-Mail me at

- Everything you need to know is in the ReadMe.
- I'm not responsible for any Damages, Crashes, or Bug that happened to your GTA SA. Do with your own risk!
- Recommended Mods to use along with this ENB: Project 2dfx and Road Refflection Fix by SilentPL

- DK22PAC (Lensflare Features)
- Boris V (ENB Creator)
- Sixty-Four (Custom Lensflare creator) Website -
- oCain (Snow FX MOD)

Have fun and ENJOY!

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Vitesse ENB V2.0 - Low PC Compatible
Vitesse ENB V2.0 - Low PC Compatible Vitesse ENB V2.0 - Low PC Compatible Vitesse ENB V2.0 - Low PC Compatible

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