Elsa's Voice

Autor: Disney Digital Studio Services, AC-130 Pilot
Datum: 28.05.2015
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Original sounds by Disney Digital Studio Services.

Sounds from the movie "Frozen" were extracted, edited and imported into the game by AC-130 Pilot.

Installation instructions and more information can be found in Read me.

Tried something different this time. =)

This isn't the final version because I haven't used audio from the entire movie (stopped at 00:55:15/01:42:13). Some of the phrases repeat to suit male and female pedestrian questions/answers.

Most of the sounds are heard when the pedestrian (ID:150; Skin name/type: Businesswoman) compliments or greets the player. Other are heard when you touch her (my favourite is: "Ehem... Thank you... Only I don't dance").

Additional information:

This mod replaces the voice of businesswoman (skin ID:150) not CJ's voice.

For example, I use a very unstable "Talk with peds" mod which causes a duplication glitch making everything double (peds, vehicles, etc.) during missions and when entering the gym resulting in a game crash. Also, it's not possible to pick up the phone. Other than that it's very nice and I don't think there's a better mod of this kind at least for now.

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Elsa's Voice
Elsa's Voice Elsa's Voice Elsa's Voice

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