MH6 Passenger SAMP V1

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Datum: 04.04.2015
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This mod allows you just to go on the seats on the MH6 in samp with the others players.

To go on one of seats of the helicopter, press the button:
--> "1" to go on the front left seat
--> "2" to go on the back left
--> "3" to go on the front right
--> "4" to go on the back right
(If you still do not understand what key allows to go on what seat, look at the picture 4).

To down of the heli, press "R".

The mh6 is included with the mod.

You can you get shot while you're on the seats, if your health bar reaches 0, you will fall of heli and die.
You can not shoot when you're sitting on the seats of the helicopter because of the animation.

Bug :
- The player trembles a little when the helicopter advance (it's not a very annoying problem)
- If your PC is slow or your internet connection is bad, there will be a lag in the game with the others players (When you put on a seat and another player drive the helicopter, he can see you leave the seat sometimes) look at the screenshot 3 to see what the lag looks like.
- Several players can go on the same seat (so there may have an infinite number of players sitting on the helicopter)
- The player is invincible to explosions, that's such as when you get into a vehicle.
- For the moment the only way to go on the seats is entering in the helicopter before pressing the buttons.

Correcting :
- On samp when the vehicle explode, the player do not die.

Sorry for my bad English.

Before testing this mod on a server, ask if you are allowed to use it.

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MH6 Passenger SAMP V1
MH6 Passenger SAMP V1 MH6 Passenger SAMP V1 MH6 Passenger SAMP V1

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