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McLaren F1 Real Handling Line

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Datum: 10.11.2014
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This is a realistic handling line for the McLaren F1, it has a real Kerb Weight of 1138 kg, realistic acceleration (0-60 mph in 3.2 secs) and a real top speed of 240 mph. The handling line is designed to increase maximum grip from the rear tyres, so acceleration will be fast and rapid. Drifting with this handling line is not recommended, as well it kind of is impoosible to do so, but you can try. If you do succeed then you should become a D1 Drifter then...
Anyway, as with all of my handling modifications. ABS Brakes are no exception on this model either, heavy braking and braking in poor condtions won't send you and your car into a ditch, a hedge, a prostitute or anything else around you really.
As mentioned the top speed is 240 mph, to this day the F1 is still considered the world's fastest naturally aspirated production car ever made. As the other models, the Veyron SS, Hennessey Venom GT etc. All used Force Induction to help them achieve their top speed results.

Lastly, the handling line is best suited for the following mod:

To conclude more realistic handling lines will be uploaded soon, or if you have a specific handling line you need for a particular vehicle do email me at: [email protected]

Enjoy the new handling


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McLaren F1 Real Handling Line

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