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Chiliad Chalet

Autor: Original by Skullripper, helped uploaded by Jonathan6506
Datum: 29.10.2014
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10.00 bei 8 Bewertungen

This mod creates a large chalet style club on Mount Chiliad facing San Fierro airport with 8 cars and 36 peds in all. Don't worry if you didn't have CLEO, the IPL also creates some objects that spawn peds (pool table, hot dog cart and benches) so it would not be completely deserted.

Features of the map:
- Eat, drink, smoke and more.
- 10 Spots in the Chalet, with random interactions and cutscene.
- Pit crew available to fix your ride (if it's damaged), add a small bottle of NOS and park it.
- There is a silver marker, one placed in the mezzanine, which will teleport you into the 2nd floor and the other one will teleport you to the bedroom.
- No music? Get your favorite music and put it to CHALET_MUZAK (in CLEO folder) and rename it MUZAK.MP3
- You can start a war anytime in the Chalet by shooting some of the guests. They'll drop $10.000 and weapons. Remember also that you have to leave the area and return to stop the guests hostility.
- Heli Taxi: From the booth of the Chalet, CJ can call a Heli-Taxi to be transported anywhere without any vehicle needed.

More features in readme.
Stream Memory Fix is recommended to prevent objects disappearing and flickering.

All credits and downloads goes to Skullripper.

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Chiliad Chalet
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