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Ryder Cutscene Fix & Improvements

Autor: Cleoude
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Datum: 06.06.2024
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Ryder Cutscene Fix & Improvements by Cleoude

I never thought I could improve Ryder's cutscene so much, but the small and interesting details make it perfect now.


CJ doesn't go through the wall anymore. He uses the doorway.
Ryder reloads bullets from the Ammo box into his pistol mag.
Fixed CJ's low shoulders.
Added light to lamps.
Bottles floating, textures fixed. bottle glows fixed by changing Sky color.
Added 3 optional cigarette models for Ryder and ingame.
Ryder's cigarette glows up when he is smoking.
Ryder puts mag in the pistol and pulls the slider.
Camera adjusted to show the mechanics and you can also see CJ's speech.
When Ryder puts out his cigarette, no smoke comes out.
Added Ryder's stove and cookware.
Ryder puts out his cigarette in the Ashtray.

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Cleoude - Cutscene Fixes, Models
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Masked Man - Improved textures for Cutscene Objects

How to Install:
Ped Specs Illumination required!
Just use ped_spec.asi and ped_spec.ini.
Adjust the glow of the pedestrians as you want from the ini file.
If you don't want this, set the settings to 0.

You should put the cuts.img folder in cuts.img. Don't use modloader. I know some users have crashes in cutscenes. Especially in the Wuzimu Win Cutscene. For this, follow this path:
1. Export the files in your sa's cuts.img to a folder with Alci's img editor.
Then put my cuts.img files in it.
Then import all files from your folder with Alci's img editor. save and rebuild.

There are 3 options in the player's choice folder. choose one from each of the options according to your desire. Put the files into the game according to the file description. Don't worry, the name of the files are the same as the folders where you opened the first file.

You can use modloader for other files.

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Ryder Cutscene Fix & Improvements

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