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Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendl Cutscene Fix

Autor: Cleoude
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Datum: 06.06.2024
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Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendl Cutscene Fix + by Cleoude

I fixed various issues in Big Smoke and Sweet & Kendl cutscenes. These include correcting character positions, interactions with objects, and adding missing more stuffs.

Big Smoke:

Fixed the issue where CJ does not appear in the first frame.
Corrected the position of the chair on the floor.
Definitive Edition hand positions added to CJ. It's more smooth now.
CJ's Mom's photo, frame and chair texture improved.
CJ now holds his mother's photo correctly, without his hand passing through the frame.
Fixed the finger joints so they do not bend sideways unrealistically.
Fixed the issue of CJ's mother's photo passing through the chair when CJ walks by.
CJ's position no longer changes when the camera angle shifts, providing a full motion effect with adjusted camera angles.
Fixed CJ's arms touching the table using resources from the Definitive Edition and custom adjustments.
CJ now actually touches his mother's photo when caressing it.
CJ now hold the chair with both hands while defending himself.
Corrected Big Smoke's grip on the baseball bat.
Fixed Big Smoke holding CJ's hand.
Hug animation taken from Definitive Edition and edited. Because It is more realistic.
Changed the position of the baseball bat on the table.

Sweet & Kendl:

Big Smoke and CJ now walk from the street.
Added CJ's mother's grave.
Kendl remains visible in the scene after insulting Sweet.
Added a cigarette to Ryder.
Fixed Smoke not looking at Sweet when showing the graves.
Kendl places flowers on the grave.

Baseball bat model added from Improved Default Armoury.

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Cleoude - Cutscene Fixes, CJ's Mom's Photo
Yhdf - Cutscene Bat
Masked Man - Improved textures for Frame & Chair

How to Install:
You should put the cuts.img folder in cuts.img. Don't use modloader. I know some users have crashes in cutscenes. Especially in the Wuzimu Win Cutscene. For this, follow this path:
1. Export the files in your sa's cuts.img to a folder with Alci's img editor.
Then put my cuts.img files in it.
Then import all files from your folder with Alci's img editor. save and rebuild.

You can use modloader for other files.

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Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendl Cutscene Fix

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