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Payphone Hits

Autor: andre500
Datum: 14.03.2023
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Dateigröße: 1.76 MB

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The script adds payphone missions to the game as in GTA Vice City with a bonus for the method of killing as in GTA Online.
A placemark appears on the map only if the player is next to a payphone, it disappears if you move further away from the payphone.
The peculiarity of the modification is the non-linear passage of tasks. Fulfill the customer's wishes by eliminating the target in a certain way.
But how exactly you implement these wishes is up to you.
There are six missions available in the modification (they are launched in random order).
1 General manager.
The target is on a construction site. To get a bonus, use construction equipment to eliminate the target.
2 Co-founder.
The target will soon leave the hotel and get into a Feltzer car parked nearby. To get a bonus for killing, you need to find a way to mine a car.
3 Judge.
The target is in the golf club. Eliminate the referee with the help of sports equipment.
4 Pop star.
The target is having lunch at Cluckin Bell. Your target must be eliminated with fire.
5 Technical entrepreneur.
Pick up the target by taxi near the hotel, and then sink the car together with the entrepreneur.
6 Trolls.
A group of people is destroying the stock market by manipulating stocks. Destroy all the targets in the allotted time.

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Payphone Hits
Payphone Hits Payphone Hits

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