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Myth Mod 3

Autor: Ig0r_06
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Datum: 24.06.2022
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Myth mod 3 is a mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which adds widely discussed myths/legends in to the game, for player to defeat. In this mod you will face monsters such as: Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie and so on... You have 2 main objectives. First is to buy every vehicle in base MIB, and the second is to defeat every monster and beat the last UFO boss. This mod is challenging since the cheats are disabled by default which means any cheat code you try to type in will do nothing. Also there is no weapons pickup around the map of San Andreas, and there is progress point system to unlock new set of weapons.
Changelog V1.2

- Added pictures in main menu and settings

- Changed loading screen picture

- Mib icon on the mini map now displays always

- Fixed a bug with loading screen music being glitched after long loading.

Changelog V1.1

- Fixed a bug with some monsters not spawning.

- Changed some weapons in weapon room

- Added certain amount of ammo to a weapons instead of unlimited.

- Added custom DaviDustin video in intro of the game.

- Added text of completion when 100 points percent reached.

- Added 5 new vehicles in MIB base for player to buy. (All credits goes to GTAutoman).

- Overall more improved code.

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Myth Mod 3
Myth Mod 3 Myth Mod 3 Myth Mod 3

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