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Mission Maker v 1.45

Autor: Naloger
Datum: 14.06.2022
Downloads: 2825 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 7.713 MB

10.00 bei 7 Bewertungen

Mission Maker is not just a mission editor, it's a great perspective for your imagination. Everything that just comes to your mind, you can translate into virtual reality with the help of our mod!
San Andreas (Mission Maker)

The creator of the project:

Naloger is a scripter with more than 3 years of experience. He also created well-known projects like GTA:Infested City, GTA:Vice TakeDown.

Developer's right hand:

AMentol is the creator of trailers, previews, design, group administration, user assistance.

CLEO 4.4:

Special thanks to Seeman, for helping to achieve some scripting capabilities and for the impeccable CLEO plugin.


Junior_Djjr — CLEO+.cleo (or CLEOPlus) is an add-on to CLEOv4 that adds an amazing 290 new codes/commands

Modloader 0.3.7:

Link2012 — Thanks to this modification, we were able to simplify the installation and use of our project.

Smarter's Localization v2.0:

The project uses a translation from the SanLtd Team, it is used to support the Russian alphabet. We are very grateful to its authors!

Changelog for 1.45: Fixed a bug, when playing the missions duplicated actors appeared (invincible)
Fixed a bug that made interiors dissapear when Actor Action > Teleport was set

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Mission Maker v 1.45
Mission Maker v 1.45 Mission Maker v 1.45 Mission Maker v 1.45 Mission Maker v 1.45 Mission Maker v 1.45 Mission Maker v 1.45

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