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DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9)

Autor: Dutchy3010, PatrickW, Halter
Datum: 04.05.2022
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DYOM REmastereD is the is an updated version with fixes and improvements. For example, here you can create trains and RC-Vehicles, make Turret Mode to Vehicle, or Spook-o-meter to Actor. The purpose of this release was to create an updated version of 8.1 without the use of Limit Adjuster, but adding as many new features as possible. For more information about what exactly was changed, you can see in the changelog.

Added 31 new Interiors in Tools
Added Spook-o-meter feature for Actors
Added Disabling and Enabling HUD (with radar) feature in Special Player Objectives
Added 56 new Animations
Added Shaking Camera for Player feature in Special Player Objectives
In Settings, you can immediately hide peds and vehicles without using the Objectives
Added Turret Mode for Vehicles
Fixed Ped Spawning (Ghetto for ghetto people, beach for beach people etc.)
Fixed RC-vehicles, Player is no longer visible. Control is now remote
Vehicles never explode after being rolled over
Fixed Trains. Each train head or carriage creates a separate train with its own number of carriages
Added 18 new skins for Actors
Added Superjump feature to get to inaccessible places (can be disabled in the Tools)
76 New Colors for Vehicles added
Added Mission Statistics feature in Tools
Pickup number now shows when selecting
Train spawn now changes with traffic "Ped/Traffic Behaviour" settings
25 New Pickups added
Weather number now shows when selecting
Additional 3 mission slots added (now it can be dyom9.dat (delete DYOM9 folder if you can't save) dyom10.dat etc.)
Disabled firefighters, medics, pop-ups and other unnecessary
Disabled freeze when viewing the weather
Added additional health settings for Actors, Vehicles (1,25,50,5000,10000,25000,Immortality)
65536 Weathers are unlocked

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DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9)
DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9) DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9) DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9) DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9) DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9) DYOM REd v1.1 (Possible dyom 9)

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