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Move The Leviathan Helicopter At The Abandoned Airstrip

Autor: sameshine2k18
Datum: 29.05.2021
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Use either the version that uses the ini file or the one that doesn't.

A vehicle coords getter built for myself, is also provided if necessary.
You can us it if you want the exact coordinates for where you want the leviathan to be placed.

At least what to expect in the ini version:

It allows the stunt plane, the hunter's helicopter and the levi helicopter to be spawned.. Noticeable by entering the save house at the abandoned airstrip and going back outside, you will likely then see all 3 models...

The overall spawning of the vehicles are a bit crazy still because of the set up of the vehicles as it relates to the way the game operates* but one thing for certain is that now it is definitely possible to see all three models spawned (the stunt plane, the hunter and the livi helicopter)

* Meaning that sometimes you may still see the levi and not the hunter helicopter based on which direction you approach the airstrip from.
But you can also move the levi much further away from the hunter helicopter (if you edit the ini file) to have a much better chance of seeing all 3 models.

The non ini file version simply disables the stunt plane and the levi helicopter leaving only the hunter helicopter* in view, hence it will likely to always be visible and not compromised by the other flying vehicles.

* You get the Hunter helicopter after receiving gold on all flight courses at the abandoned airstrip in the desert area.. At least so i've heard, but possibly it might just be that most people tend to do the helicopter course last before the other ones so that might just be why that was said.. In that i know you get the Stunt Plane and the Rustler when you complete certain specific ones out of all the courses but i don't know.. k


I have limited internet access, but opening up the comments for this one that if in case you have a problem by not understanding something about the mod.

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Move The Leviathan Helicopter At The Abandoned Airstrip

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