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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Autor: Adikaaaa feat. Rev_Groma | Email
Datum: 26.02.2021
Downloads: 3963 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 1.633 MB

10.00 bei 4 Bewertungen

Link to original PC mod:


Author: Adikaaaa
Ported to Mobile: Rev_Groma


Worried about new reports that vandals and hooligans have vandalized the distant Texas cemetery where her grandfather is buried, Sally and her wheelchair-bound brother Franklin Hardesty gather their friends and go to the family van to check if their grandfather's grave is damaged. Once in the area of ​​the cemetery, they at the same time decide to visit the old farm where their grandfather lived. There is another farm nearby, which looks rather unpleasant. It is adorned with eerie objects made from the skin and bones of people and animals, and there is a family of slaughterhouse workers.


Mod adds to the game a new Leatherface from the Texas Massacre movie, he is very angry and attacks you with a chainsaw as soon as you approach his house, for the sake of life you must fight with him!
As soon as you kill him, in a few seconds he will resurrect and take revenge on you, so I suggest that you get out of his territory immediately after you kill him!


Before going, activate the "SandStorm" weather through the Cleo Menu, otherwise the game may just freeze.


1. Don't re-upload this mod without permission.
2. Don't edit without permission.
3. Don't use in modpacks without permission.
4. You can share with this mod with links and authors.


Adikaaaa - For the original mod.


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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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