ENB Series

ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC

Autor: Bellik28
Datum: 06.02.2021
Downloads: 25608 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 1.133 MB

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The screenshots were made using brightness at 50%.
After a while, here I bring you the final version of my ENB, now more optimized than ever (Excuse me for my terrible English).

Changes v4.1:

- Updated GraphicsTweaker and MixSets.
- Improvements in the .ini.

Changes v4.0:

- Timecyc recreated from scratch, now without errors, it is much better!
- Added the mod "Intense original cars colors" (credits to Scooper)
- Now the installation is completely through Modloader, for easier installation
- Updated MixSets
- Particles in lower resolution, something that you will not notice in the game, but that can increase FPS
- Great optimization in the reflections of the cars
- The ENB is much better, now only need one DLL!
- Removed RealSkybox and Insality Effects, since they go beyond the purpose of the ENB, and can cause lag (In addition, they can be downloaded separately if you wish, from the page)
- Removed GFX Hack, HD Loading Screens and Silent Patch, as they are not related to the ENB, and can be downloaded separately


- Made by and for low-resource PCs
- ENB Series v0.075
- Native darkened shadows (do not consume additional resources), thanks to MixSets
- Improved reflections of cars
- Timecyc created from scratch
- Car colors somewhat more saturated (Intense Original Car Colors)
- GraphicsTweaker to complement the ENB Series
- Colors more saturated and vivid than the original game (this is obvious...)
- Optimization improvements, Gunflash 2D fix, parachute animation, disable Motion Blur, etc. thanks to MixSets (read more at


- Extract the folder "modloader" in the folder where you have your game installed.
- REQUIRED Pack Essentials:
- It is recommended to make a backup of your GTA SA to prevent any inconvenience.


- ENB Series: Boris Vorontsov (Edited by Bellik28)
- MixSets: Junior_Djjr
- GraphicsTweaker: Junior_Djjr
- Timecyc: Bellik28
- Intense Original Car Colors: Scooper
- Enhanced Classic Graphics: Junior_Djjr
- Static Car Shadows: Thirteen AG

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ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC
ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC ENB Series SA-MG v4.1 for low PC

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