❄️Official Winter 2021❄️

Autor: Abel Madrona Antón & SEMEFR
Datum: 08.01.2021
Downloads: 3424 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 122.826 MB

10.00 bei 8 Bewertungen

Official and best Snow MOD 2021 in GTA: San Andreas!

⚠️It is recommended to install Official Winter in a GTA San Andreas clean or virgin to avoid possible conflicts with other textures or models.

⚠️It is recommended play with MINIMUM BRIGHTNESS to avoid snow from burning the screen.

⛔This MOD is very heavy! These minimum requirements are required on your computer:
2GB graphics card.
Core 2 Duo Processor.
10GB Hard Drive Free Space.

Now is compatible with Modloader! But lately there are compatibility issues with modloader, so I offer you another option to install it without modloader for a secure and error-free installation.

⚠️For the Modloader to work correctly, you will have to install a ASI loader and Cleo 4 (latest version).

To activate and increase the snow intensity, press "*" and "+" on the numeric keypad.
To reduce snow intensity, press "*" and "-" on the numeric keypad.
To catch and throw a snowball, press "." of the numeric keypad.
To cancel the snowball once caught, press "/" on the numeric keypad.

⚠️Remember to make an entire backup of your game.

✅FINAL VERSION. Since it is the final version, it is always under constant review and some improvements, so the download links may not be available for 12 to 72 hours if there a update the links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The environmental sounds of falling snow and also the sounds of walking and running through the snow and also sounds of tires on the snow on the asphalt when braking or accelerating are included. Now the vehicles will skate on the road due to the ice sheets, so it will be much more real!

This MOD adds snow and cold in its GTA: San Andreas. There is snow everywhere even at sea level. This is the best snow MOD you can find thanks to me. New textures with more quality. Only the right textures for the snow are changed. Other users are dedicated to annoying placing other textures without meaning taking advantage of the misuse of textures that are not snow. My Snow MOD is clean and fair, no extra textures. I hope you enjoy it, you will see how you will like it, and any doubt will not take long to ask me and I will respond as soon as possible and kindly.

✅Improved changes:
*handling.cfg has been fixed and improved some vehicles that exceeded skating on ice sheets.
*LODS textures improved and corrected.
*Now CJ will not be able to spend long in the water, because it is very cold and he will suffer from hypothermia!
*Has been improved the textures and colors of the snowflakes when falling, giving it more realism.
*New textures improved and corrected.
*Now all land vehicles and bikes sliding down snow.
*Now all wheels of land vehicles and bikes are covered with snow, to give it more realism.

MOD created by: Abel Madrona Antón and SEMEFR.

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❄️Official Winter 2021❄️
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