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Beta Idlewood Road for Mobile

Autor: cheeseburger, hlennarz
Datum: 25.10.2020
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Beta Idlewood Road for Mobile


cheeseburger - Fixed, Re-edit & Ported to Mobile

hlennarz - Main Modification

I do a lot of efforts on this modification to make compatible and stable to mobile.

This changes the infamous "shortcut jump" house in Idlewood to a simple road like it was during the beta, as seen in early map renders. Traffic lights were added to the intersections and objects like the lamp posts, powerlines & poles altered.

Known bugs:
- The house LOD model doesn't removed, so when you look at it from far. The house LOD model will appears in the middle of the road. And also the lod model sometimes will appear when you look in any direction.
- The powerline sometimes becomes invisible when coming from the downtown area.
- Traffic & peds don't use the road (I lack the skill of modifiing ped & vehicle paths.)

It is located in Idlewood, Los Santos

Due to limitations, The LOD model doesn't compatible that causes game crashes. So I decided to delete it to make the game stable.

Make sure you have a backup files for removal of this modification.

Installation is on the readme file.

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Beta Idlewood Road for Mobile
Beta Idlewood Road for Mobile Beta Idlewood Road for Mobile Beta Idlewood Road for Mobile

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