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GTA V Style Complete Taxi Pack for Android

Autor: Pranjit Das & Automan | Email
Datum: 05.10.2020
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GTA V Style Complete Taxi Pack for Android


* Original models: Rockstar Games (GTA V).
* Converted to SA: Automan.
* Modified author: Pranjit Das.

(Please note: I have edited and modified all the cars under full permission from original author Automan, so there is nothing wrong about the mod at all, thanks)



Hello guys and today I'm presenting an all new car pack for GTA SA Android. So these models were originally comes from GTA V (made by Rockstar). And ripped and converted to SA, and also the special 4 door taxi variant of the Declasse Tornado by Automan. And modified, added few changes, improved textures and mainly, conversion to their real life counterparts and ported to Android by me (Pranjit Das). Of course, under full permission from Automan, and I also gave him full credits too, so there is nothing wrong about the mod at all.

So the models weren't totally converted to their real life counterparts, but just re-textured to give some similarities. So this pack contains 2 taxis from GTA V, although the Declasse Tornado Taxi was created by Automan and it's not originally from GTA V. So some of the main changes that done to the original models are the new improved textures, real vehicle badges, real California license plates, SA style advertisements on roof (extras) and many other minor changes too.

Both the models and their textures are perfectly optimised and edited specially for Android, so you'll not encounter any kinds of glitches, bugs or lags in game. Fully tested and 100% perfectly working, and no problems found at all. One of the best GTA V taxi pack for GTA SA Android, trust me you will be fall in love with these models for sure!



* Replaces: Taxi & Cabbie.
* SA lights.
* SA reflections.
* Own textures.
* Own plate.
* Own lights.
* Own shadow.
* Own collision.
* Own damage.
* Own windshield crack.
* MQ exterior.
* MQ Interior.
* MQ textures.
* MQ engine.
* MQ underbody.
* Support 2 colours.
* Few extras (only roof signs).
* Optimised textures.
* Optimised models.
* New improved textures.
* New improved exterior.
* New improved interior.
* New improved wheels.
* Real life Vehicle badges.
* Real life California plates.
* Fully support - SA Android.
* Fully support - ENBSeries.
* Fully support - HQLM2.
* Low dff and txd sizes.
* Models fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game!


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das.

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GTA V Style Complete Taxi Pack for Android
GTA V Style Complete Taxi Pack for Android GTA V Style Complete Taxi Pack for Android

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