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Full Mod Sound Effect for Mobile

Autor: Azgam99
Datum: 28.08.2020
Downloads: 3672 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 15.741 MB

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This sound mod is a full mod that I partially took on YouTube and I edited and combined the sound to make it more real.
-Youtube (95%)
-Other modes (5%)
¤ List of sound Mods as follows:

•vehicle sounds (full of cars, boats, planes, helicopters, motorbikes, and bicycles)

•Weapon sounds (full bat, punch, kick, knife, pistol, shotgun, uzi, ak47 / m4, mp5k, sniper rifle, bazooka, flame, camera, grenade and weapon reload)

•natural sound of birds

•the sound of rain, rumble and frogs

•police siren sound

•GTA V explosion sound

•the sound of fire

•GTAV collision sound

• the sound of brakes on the asphalt, on the ground and on gravel

• Train sound and horn sound without CLEO

• car horn sound (full)

• water sounds (including cars and players jumping on the water)

• the sound of a flat tire

• door sounds of cars, trucks, planes and helicopters (some car doors sound "tit .. tit" to make it more real)

• The sound of falling on the ground when the player is off GTA V

• Game menu sound, map click and CLEO menu

• the sound of loading the latest original version

• the sound of broken glass vehicles including the sound of car lights, bottles, building glass

• the sound of hitting fences and posts (full)

• the sound of the house door

• crane sound

• bullet sound

•and much more

"and I made this voice mod only using the android phone application without a PC and it took 6 months to compile and adjust it to make it more perfect"

file size:
¤GENRL.osw (18.9 MB)
¤GENRL. osw. idx (20.4 KB)
"without force close"
how to install:
Move the GENRL.osw and GENRL format files. osw. idx to android / data / com.rockstargame.gtasa / files / audio / SFX / and put it there


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Full Mod Sound Effect for Mobile

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