ENB Series

ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC

Autor: AndroLoquendo 28
Datum: 28.06.2020
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ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 high pc by AndroLoquendo28

Sorry for my bad english.


- Made for high-resource PCs
- ENB Series v0.075
- Real Skybox, a totally new skybox that has nothing to do with the other cleos, and that does not contain its errors (credits to Junior_Djjr)
- Improved reflections of cars
- Improved effects, fire and particles based on GTA 4, and EnhanceFX
- Timecyc created almost from scratch, based on PS2 colors and real life
- Colors of cars somewhat more saturated (Carcols.dat)
- HD loading screens
- Silent Patch (fixes many bugs and crashes)
- ColorMod to complement the ENB Series
- Colors more saturated and vivid than the original game (this is an odedad xD)
- 2D Gunflash correction, parachute animation, disable motion blur, etc. thanks to MixSets (read more at
- Keep the static shadows of the cars, to generate occlusion effect
- Ambient oclussion
- Realistic shadows


- Extract the files that are in the folder "A RAIZ DE TU GTA SA" to the folder where you have installed your game.
- It is recommended to make a backup of your GTA SA to prevent any inconvenience.
- Necessary CLEO 4.3 and Silent's Asi Loader.
- The gta_sa.exe v1.0 US is recommended for better compatibility.

Download CLEO 4.3:
Download Silent's Asi Loader:
Download GTA SA 1.0 US Patched:


- ENB Series: Boris Vorontsov (Edited by AndroLoquendo28)
- Remastered and EnhacnceFX effects: Ezequiel, Junior_Djjr
- MixSets: Junior_Djjr
- Real Skybox: Junior_Djjr
- ColorMod: Edited by AndroLoquendo28
- Timecyc: AndroLoquendo28
- Carcols.dat: AndroLoquendo28
- Silent Patch: Silent
- ModLoader: LINK / 2012, Silent
- Static Car Shadows: ThirteenAG
- HD loading screens: iAbokai (I think)

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ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC
ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC ENB Series SA-MG v2.0 for High PC

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