Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2

Autor: skatefilter5
Datum: 21.06.2020
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It has 10 X's similar to wanted stars. So it doesn't instantly go to zero if you flee away, it drops one X away per second.

-Going to different all islands will automatically change police types and some weapons.

-Has 4 express trains in total in San Andreas and Liberty City,
-4 startercars with 10000-20000HP and bulletproof tires will spawn when near want you start so you don't die instantly when getting blown up. But option is added too.

The Noticeable differents, cops don't spawn in parks or any hills if it doesn't have road beside make it true to hide and escape comparing to GTAIV and V rather than cops spawning out of no where.

Bullsworth have bigger hiding spots and police never walking in these nodes for same reason. They only walk on main roads., Mainland have un-finish traffic will also escape, San Andreas partially have hiding spots but there's too many road nodes off-roads.
Police still patrol in LC and VC airports and VC beaches.

-2-Player friendly
-2 Jobs LC & VC where the markers are located
-HP HUD is restored and players nolonger respawn after death but death counter goes up.
-you nolonger get notoriety for crashing car but only for no notoriety due to crashes
-fix crashes when getting notoriety
-reduce the cop's health make it easier to kill
-add pack for actor spawner but for the optional folder
-Notoriety reset want the player dies
-added policebikes and alternate police cars
-added APCs and Swat Vans
-added Barracks (I forgot to put Barracks at first)
-fixing police driveby
-COPS will properly exit cars at far distance nolonger driving to walls but they still drive to stop you on foot or drive around you.
-Have cop settings menu
-Spawn up to 4 tanks when reach 10 X's (I couldn't enable to find the function to make AI shoot from tanks while driving but I put explosion sounds when it spawns) BEWARE! Tanks can instantly blow your car up when ramming to it.
I recommended taking police cars cuz it has 6000HP 6 times more than average.
-Now cops are spawning in interiors! ...and safehouses? smaller ones won'ttake effect unless using airbreaks

Still...there is no helicopters, boats, and jets and it needs alot of work and bug fixes (Oh I tested the firstHelicopters however the huge bug kills the whole sound like being muted makes me wanna to reload a savefile to fix the problem + my script is about to hit 68kbs but know its 67 kbs cuz helicopter spawn was unused)

Using the cheat max notoriety just sudden crash like 30% doesn't effect bumping to one each.

I haven't make changes with tank fire
Old description:
It will work in a different way so cops shoot you when you fire but doesn't instantly give you a first X unless you kill any cops, peds, or even cars.

When X turns blue knowing your crime is very low but some cops still shoot you when you open fire.
When X turns white. then they will spawn with some miniguns means temper is about to grow
When X turns red, then they will always spawn with miniguns only and instantly kill you easily.

It's insane and more aggressive whenever notoriety gets extremely high to end up with tanks and miniguns.

Police can also shoot any other gang if they start firing, it's show how fair it is beside original cops only gang up and kill CJ.

You can find 2 secret jobs.
One is Liberty City in middle island located next to the fire station on left side.
and the other one is in Vice City located at the left island where you respawn next to police station.

Type in "cheat" and it will bring up the menu to select want type of cops.
Manhunt 1&2 maps don't have road path nodes, you can only open on cheats.

To Start the special mission

Simple type "police"
and make sure you stand away from objects so cars can spawn but the text will tell anyway.

To abort mission type "exit" or "giveup"

No marker
BLIND = cops markers are hidden

"quit" = quit job
TAB = view the location target (LC only)

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Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2
Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2 Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2 Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2 Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2 Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2 Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2 Project Police Notoriety System for GTA Underground v2

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