Weapons Advance Options V1.2

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Datum: 20.05.2020
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Hy,First of all Thankyou for downloading my mod.In this mod i tried to put together the best weapon related options,but as we all know not everything is perfect,if you find any bugs or want an option added to this please use the comment section,and don't forget to rate this mod.

1.First of all you are getting a weapon spawner,which can give the player desired weapon.
2.Custom ammo = I have included an .ini file called DAT.ini.Open it up with any text editor and search for [CAMMO] under that there are options and you can change the ammo values for each group of weapons,the weapons groups are also shown
3.Max ammo = It will give you infinite ammo.
4.Remove Weapons = It will give you options then you can select which weapon you want to remove or you want to remove all weapons.
5.Save to list = This option will save the player current weapons to a list,also there ammo.
6.Discard Saved List = This will delete the saved list.
7.Load List = This will load the list,and will give the player saved weapons,and there ammo.
8.Cheats = In cheats you are able to change the weapons skills.
9.Gang Weapons Editor = To use this open the DAT.ini and go to the bottom.There you will find different names for different gangs,just change the primary,secondary or tertiary weapons values to your drsired weapons.I have provided a list for weapon's numbers in the archive.Use the corresponding weapon number from the list and use it in DAT.ini.
10.Added a bunch of options in weapons fun options like aim skin changer etc.When activated instructions will be shown on the screen.
11.Poice Custom weapons,You can change them in DAT.ini file just opne it and search for "[WEAP_CONFIG]" and then change the values there. Models and numbers are provided in the archive.
and much more

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Weapons Advance Options V1.2
Weapons Advance Options V1.2 Weapons Advance Options V1.2 Weapons Advance Options V1.2

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