The Walking Hordes of Zombies v2.1 Final (small update)

Autor: Skatefilter5
Datum: 29.01.2020
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Happy new year!!! Zombie Infection Day!!! v2.1

But small update - Zombies will no longer chase you instantly instead they will walk in random places.

Also zombie spawning after killing them is also fixed.

400 to cap down to 200 kills when you enter Luigi's tacos or exit mission.

More music cheats in v2.1

This 3rd zombie mod is familiar to my 2nd zombies mod from 2018. It's created from scratch
Oh, I have some bouns missions 1 incomplete btw. it's list here anyway. I put the open mission from the beginning where you have kill SWATs until the truck arrived. Don't worry farmers got your back, there's some weapons and cash scattered around this barn. This can even save your progress kills and waves. (If you don't have cheat menu go to the nearest safehouse and save your game.)

Stores, upgrades like buying this area in San Fransico to add more ruins buildings. Car store in Los Santos where it also included a tank for expensive cash.
There's is returning store from Zombie horde 2018, Luigi's Taco store in different location and Old weapon menu from Los santos beach.

V1 Things changes - those who play old zombie horde from 2018

Score nolonger appears
Wave renamed to level instead
Fog and rain only cycles
Time nolonger stay locked
Luigi taco and old weapon stores moved but one 1 each store
Luigi taco still go out of service in 2-minutes.

V2 Major changes included - script is maxed up to 69kbs!!!! Means I can't add anymore stuff!!!! It's final!!!!

Luigi's nightmare - If you kill 400 zombies, you walk into Luigi's Taco (no service/zombie luigi) you'll encounter the mist that takes you to Luigi's nightmare
Military base - after nightmare, you walk to Mitiary base to get the virus (where it started before)
Few fixes
You nolonger stand on the truck - but they'll leave you. (there's cars from the beginning and checkpoint)
Removed "bringing Luigi to the car" (due to game crashes after failing the mission from checkpoint)
Fix menus in Los Santos
changed some music
you'll start with big health - due do difficulty with armies/swats including zombies in higher level

cancel mission is "EXIT" all execpt drug package ("abort" alt. for drug package only)

zombie horde
zombie horde alt. (same but all one countitunes script, no auto quits)
drug package
Trail Blazing
Rob Cash

Farm defense
farm defense (SWATSIDE)

there is some cheats for zombie horde

newgame - start from the beginning
skip - skip ahead to pickup Luigi
bored - skip ahead to swim to shore
boring - jump straight to zombie horde (it will start in your current location.
normal - remove weather
kill - increase 30+ kills
wave - increase 1+ wave
exit - end zombie horde

stop - stop the background music
music - play the alt. music

There's some interiors to go to, has ambient background music not original. I disabled this real interior arrows cuz game crash when everything is loaded at once. I just alternate interior entrance as a red sphere it's 100% stable rather then originals. Press F/ENTER CAR to go inside interior.

Madd Dogg's Mansion
Jizzy's Dome
The Big Casino - The is a marker too spawn gangs for your army

weapons.dat and 2player verson included in modloader if you switch on or off, you can't switch on both.

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