RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu)

Autor: muhammad_herizal
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Datum: 18.10.2019
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RZL-Trainer v3.1.2

This is a Cleo Trainer or Cheat Menu, i hope you understand.
not much ado, just to the point.

Big Update!!!
128,195 lines of code were written.
The trainer is very very stable.
new cool feature added.

What's new?
Version 3.1.2 : enhancements, bug fixed, & add new feature
# bug fixed
- mission vehicle destroyed/exploded bug fixed
- activated bug fixed
- and more bug fixed...
# enhancements
- now scrolling the menu, the button can be hold
- shortcut key can enable/disable one by one
- new sound effect
- can changes font
- and much more...
# Shortcut key added
- alt+1 = general option menu
- alt+2 = vehicle option menu
- alt+3 = wanted menu
- alt+4 = actor spawning menu
- alt+5 = vehicle spawning menu
- alt+6 = mission option menu
- alt+7 = teleporting menu
- alt+8 = time menu
- alt+9 = weapons menu
- alt+0 = weathers menu
- k = teleport to nearest vehicle as passenger
# Language added
- language French (translated by brasser 80& completed)
# General Option, menu added
- god mode upgraded, now CJ won't be able to die even explode inside the vehicle
- unlimited helath (similar god mode but different)
- health and armor regen menu (10 options)
- peds and traffic menu (19 options)
- air break upgraded (added time stopper)
- perfect stats upgraded
- gang weapon editor menu (edit all gang weapon)
- game graphic & display menu
- camera zoom menu (12 options)
- view info menu (3 options: fps counter, player Info, coords)
- solid water
- trainer option menu (6 options: triner colors, font style, menu sounds, shortcut key, languange, game stoped while menu appear)
# Vehicle Option, menu added
- modification menu upgraded
- nitro option menu (nitro control: NFS nitro system)
- speed o meter & rpm upgraded (added nitro meter-if car have)
- explode current vehicle
- auto unflip and reapir
- train camera fix
- vehicle health menu (6 options)
- vehicle door menu (8 options)
- door status
# Actor Spawning, menu added
- portable clothes menu (3 options)
# Vehicle Spawning, menu added
- release jetpack anywhere
# Teleporting, menu added
- teleport to last vehicle
- teleport nearest vehicle (move here, previously name "enter nearest vehicle" in the vehicle option menu)
- teleport nearest vehicle as passenger
# Time, menu added
- hours
- minutes
- game speed modifier menu (10 options)
- weekday
- faster clock
# Weapons, menu added
- have all weapons
- weapon modification menu (14 options)
# Weapons, menu added
- sync weather with time and location
- custom weather
and anymore...

don't forget give me +PLUS

fan script = weapon memory address
cheat engine app = for seraching memory address = many memory addresses I got there

thanks for that.......

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RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu)
RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu) RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu) RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu) RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu) RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu) RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu) RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 (Cheat Menu)

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