Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2

Autor: MrFinger
Datum: 28.09.2019
Downloads: 493 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 80.3 MB

10.00 bei 9 Bewertungen

Newest version of the mod.

What's added:

- Changed car wrecks,
- Changed Walton wreck,
- Replaced Heat billboards with jogger,
- Changed Zip ad with the women,
- Replaced Python with Desert Eagle at the Ammu-Nation building in Los Santos,
- Changed hippy statue at the Hashbury, 
- Changed map on this sign at Santa Maria Beach,
- Changed Big Smoke statue at the Crack Palace,
- Changed Sweet cutscene model,
- Changed Kendl in game model (thanks to @ermaccer for fixing the rig),
- Added 2D sterring wheels to all cars,
- Removed helicopter landing from the radar at the Easter Basin Naval Station,
- Fixed Sprunk cane rotation,
- Changed logo on cutscene Maccer,
- Changed Dodo wheels,
- Changed OGF graffiti from the B dup's house,
- Changed road from the intro cutscene to the one from LS Airport,
- Fixed in-game Rosenberg glasses,
- Added many (but many) textures from Manhunt and GTA VC with higher quality (not all of them are shown on the screens),
- Fixed untextured objects inside Michelle's house, ProLaps store, guard houses at the airports and at the boat school (thanks to @Kalvin for fan),
- Changed Hotknife in the Loco Low Co. garage,
- Retextured LS Tower and some parts of Santa Maria Beach with textures from gta 5 (it was a experiment but i decided to implement it to the mod),
- Changed icons of micro uzi, sniper, pistol, silenced pistol, tec9 and parachute (thanks to @Brooklynzsmac for sniper and uzi),
- And much more stuff.

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Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2
Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2 Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2 Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2 Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2 Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2 Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2 Beta Leftovers Fix - SA 1.2

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