Mind Control And Possession v.14 (PC) Perfect Version

Autor: Alvian9xpro
Datum: 10.08.2019
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Mind control And Possession Pc v.14 ( Perfect Version )

Now script Its perfect !!
Also i Change the Add-On Skin . probably you liked it ..

- Gta sa V.1 ( if not , mod will disable itself )
- Cleo 4.3
- Modloader ( For add-ons )
If you not have one of this. download the Tools Here
Mod Tools

Whats new ? :
- Starting Key added . More easy to explore shorcut
- Slave mode added
- Now can control Man pedestrian . But not complex as like female ped
- Shortcut on panel added . So it Will be easy to use
- Instant Control Fix
- Instant Control More Stable
- Instant Control Smart find ped
- Possession Fix
- Animation Very stable
- Translate Full portuguese language by : *Markmadrox*
- Translate Full Indonesia Language by : *Alvian9xpro*

This mod allowed you to Control any Pedestrian what you want .

When starting game . Type 9XCTR or press 1+C to show the main menu

Main Feature

- Control ped : Control it as like what you want . Many feature that you can try here

- Instant Control : This Will change ped behavior near you . Available only if you not on Control ped . Slave mode or Possess

- Possession : Control ped with advanced control . After you Possess . you can Possess other people by Press Tab+Space

- Mirror mode : Force Pedestrian to do what player do

- Player 2 Mode : Play as 2 player with ped . Press Insert To Change Player 1 to Player 2

- Slave Mode : No more forcing stuff . You can do more stuff than hot coffee here without no one blame you

Very easy to install , Everything guide is inside so no more confuse with this mod

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