GTA World of Agniesia 2.0

Autor: HectorOConner
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Datum: 12.06.2019
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GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 Radiostations:

I'm happy to introduce you new modification to GTA San Andreas coming from HectorThePlayer Gry Po Mojemu/HamX Mod Garage - GTA: World of Agniesia. The assumption of the project is to recreate the atmosphere of GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories in good old San Andreas. We did it using Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories vehicles (they fit into San Andreas and Vice City atmosphere as well, and what's more, they are all adapted to DK22Pac's ImVehFt), Vice City textures, skins, timecycle configuration, sounds, radar, HUD, and also we managed to add Vice City Radiostations! Actually, this mod is a birthday gift for user TheAgniesia22 from HectorThePlayer/Hector O'Conner, who is behind the idea of that project, so expect some extra features, conencted with our closed society - look forward for some interesting facts! We are also planning to create custom DYOM missions, to create a little story. Stay tuned, it is worth waiting for!

MODLOADER - link2012
SilentPatch - silent
ImVehFt - dk22pac
SkyGFX - The Hero
vice city roads, radar, pink markers - uzzi47
widescreen fix - thirteenag
VC Fonts & HUD - BOT10
VC weapon sounds - Dean Modding
VC timecyc - TeMkA69
Advanced Track Player - MKKJ

VCS Louise - LAD

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GTA World of Agniesia 2.0
GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 GTA World of Agniesia 2.0 GTA World of Agniesia 2.0

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