Scene Maker v.1.5 (PC) + Improvements Script

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Datum: 16.05.2019
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Scene Maker v.1.5 ( Beta )

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Whats new ?
- Particle Spawner added ( and with the adjustments )
- new Animation added ( check inside rar )
- Now compatible with GTA V HUD By DK22Pac

80% Completed ( Beta Version )
Little Bit more :D

Requires : Gta sa V.1
Very Suitable for who want upload A Skin into upload site ( such as this site )

This Mods allows You to Create Any Scene what you want , With only Simple command , animation , Rotation , and Setting camera , you can Create so many Different Prespective Scenes As what you want ,

Lite Panel Style !!
Very Easy Using , And not makes many crash

How to use :
Press 9xScn To show the main menu , Choose Ped Spawner For start
After done , This mod will Separate a New script and you can create again . To delete , the actor just Go to near actor and press "Backspace"

Feature :

Model : Spawn any model in different kind of normal model ( For now )

Coords : Move the actor

Rotation : Rotate The actor ( with angle XYZ )

Weapon : Change and armed some weapon

Accessories : some unique stuff ( Any Possible request accepted )

Animation : Change animation of actor ( more animation will update soon )

Brightness : Change Brightness of actor


Model , Move , Rotation : You can change and use it as what you want ! , just it !

Component : Doors , Trunk , and other same stuff configuration is here

Color : Change colour , also with paintjob and how to deactive it !

Move steer , Engine : move the wheels , and turn on/off the engine

Dirt level : 'Not tested yet' some beta version of dirt level !


Model : Spawn any model as object more than 9000 object ( building , item , LOD , etc )

Move and Rotation : Move and rotate the object ( any )

Collision : Makes the object solid or not

Scale : Change the size of object ( From 100 to unlimited , collision not include )


Particle : Change and set a new particle ( 80 in total )

State : How particle will moving , theres 2 option !

Move and Rotation : Move and rotate the particle ( any )

Offset/stretch : How particle will spray

Loop/Keypress : Set time or keypress to loop the particle ( or like so )


Time : Change Hours / Minute
Weather : Change Weather ( all weather )

Camera Mode : Wide Screen Or not ?

Camera : Change , Rotate , and takes some scene !!

More Feature will Update Later !!
So Please Enjoy this first


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Scene Maker v.1.5 (PC) + Improvements Script
Scene Maker v.1.5 (PC) + Improvements Script Scene Maker v.1.5 (PC) + Improvements Script Scene Maker v.1.5 (PC) + Improvements Script

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