Mind Control And Possession Girl v.10 (PC) + Instant control and Full variable fix

Autor: Alvian9xpro | Email
Datum: 10.02.2019
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Dateigröße: 1.707 MB

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New Version Updated . Check it on : Here v.14
See Video Here !

Mind control And possession girl Pc v.10

All problem that hurt you in older version is removed from now on !!!

Whats new ? :
- Instant control By Type "9XIC" ( Can control both man and woman and onmission actor )
- Fix crash in transfender , safe house and other
- Eliminate all Illegal Variable , Leave
- Add holding hand feature
- Fix and improve possession statistics ( get ped money too )
- Add instant swap body on possession ( able in car , etc )
- Addon animation movements
- 10 more detailed improvement feature and glitch/bug remover that encountered in game

( Dont forget to add a new folder and files ( Holding and anim_movement.ini ) in modloader files . )

Warning , 18+ and hot coffee Rated , I warn ya !!

The advanced Version , its time for some huge changing !!

This mods allows you to control any female ped what you want
By press "Space + TAB"

- Adding instant control for actor trainer ! Type "9XIC" to activated
- Makes Innocent people do weird things as like what you want
- Look this Best commands in Alvian9xpro Guide and control it as like what you want it
- complicated script , but very easy using ( dont worry )
- Street Hot coffee ( everywhere , anywhere )

Easy Guide Check on alvian9xpro file in rar for full Guide

This mod Has release the full version , but keep watching the improvement version in future

Cleo name : Controller.cs and more files inside ( Dont change Name of the files and folder for safely gaming )

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